Basically what could go here is a whole list of things not to wear & you probably know what they are…but here’s a few to give you a glimpse of WHAT NOT TO WEAR…


  1. your cute little cheer shorts

  2. your shorts that say something on the bottom

  3. your amazing bikini you wore to Cabo San Lucas

  4. your spaghetti strap dress that’s just to die for

  5. your clothes that to be honest are way too tight

  6. or anything else that reveals way too much & may cause our guys to stumble.


  1. Those white t-shirts called wifebeaters that most guys wear who don’t really have any muscles but they think they do

  2. T-shirts that are inappropriate (advertisements or show your ripped abs)

  3. Jeans/pants that don’t fit you at all and sag to your knees

  4. The new speedo you bought for your swim team (save it for competition)

  5. Or anything else that may cause our ladies to stumble or people to laugh at you.